• Invest in equity securities of companies that are directly or indirectly involved in the exploration, mining, production or distribution of gold and precious metals and minerals.


  • Original research analysis to uncover value in companies

  • Listed equities only to be allocated on the Australian Stock Exchange (‘ASX’)

Product Fees & Charges

Account Onboarding = US$500a

Only charged if no ABC Account opened

Management = 2%

2% p.a. calculated monthly and paid in advance

Performance = 20% above high water mark

20% of net yield above a minimum hurdle of 10% (high-water mark) calculated upon transactions.

ASX Mining Equities

Key benefits:

  • Provides portfolio diversification both in asset class and risk/return profile

  • Capitalise on counter-cyclical growth and hedge economic and political risk

  • Investment performance far exceeds current market index and investment products